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KADSearch - The Ultimate Guide to Birth-Family Search in Korea K@W: A Reality Show From Cyberspace From Morning Calm to Midnight Sun
Have you been thinking about who your biological relatives are? You are not alone. According to an article published by the Korean newspaper, Korea Herald in 1999, about 2000 KADs (Korean Adoptees) visit Korea each year in search of their national, cultural, ethnic, or biological heritage.

Searching for biological family is an emotional journey which involves both internal and external issues. While some KADs have a stronger need or desire to search than others, we all have our own personal reasons for the choices we make. There are no right or wrong choices; every individual must make his or her decision about whether to embark upon a search.

Not all KADs have a need or a desire to find out more about who their birth-parents are, but if you feel the need to start this journey we hope the following information will be helpful. We have collected some advice on how to conduct a search, who to contact, available options, and personal stories of other people who, in one way or another, have been involved in birth family search or the issues surrounding this.

This handy, pocket-sized collection of search advice, addresses and contact information contains everything needed by adoptees that are starting to search for biological family in Korea. Compiled entirely by adult Korean adoptees, this multilingual resource book should have a place in the bookshelves of Korean adoptees and adoptive parents alike.
You can be whoever you want in cyberspace _

On a 4th of July weekend, a group of Korean adoptees who have only known each other in cyberspace meet in real life.

A file by SARAH LEE MONROE WITH YUMMY ALIEN W PETER AMANDA BECCA ANTHONY BRANDON EUN MI TRISH KIP and AMY. Story consultant VAUN MONROE - Additional stills provided by BECCA & TRISH. K@W founded by SUNNY JO - Written, Produced & Directed by SARAH LEE MONROE.

2006 · USA · COLOR · NTSC · 35 MIN · FULL SCREEN 4:3 http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/koreanadopteesworldwide
From Morning Calm to Midnight Sun

by Sunny Jo

An enormously moving autobiographical book by Korean adoptee Sunny Johnson titled FROM MORNING CALM TO MIDNIGHT SUN is out now – please email her for more details at: sunnyjo@alumni.sfu.ca